Be impossible to ignore. Mug (2-Color)
Be impossible to ignore. Mug (2-Color)
Be impossible to ignore. Mug (2-Color)
Be impossible to ignore. Mug (2-Color)

Be impossible to ignore. Mug (2-Color)

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No. 424 / Be impossible to ignore.

Stand so tall that they can’t look past you. Intoxicate with your presence. Be notorious. Remain on people’s minds. Flow so freely that they’ll be scared of drowning in your thoughts. Don’t be taken lightly. Be sure of yourself. Be irreplaceable. Move so fast that no one can see where you’re going. Give them something to chase, but never let them catch up with you. Be more than what they bargained for. Make them hate you for being so fucking good. Burn so brightly that you catch the whole world on fire. 





Matte exterior, gloss interior


2-Color Screen Print

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GFDA is the bearer of messages from your own heart. What we say is nothing new, we simply put things in a way that you can’t ignore.

From truth, purpose; from purpose, fulfillment. The truth is that this life is a struggle, it’s a contest. Your purpose is to use up every bit of your potential participating in life. You are called to face a challenge. Accept it with dignity. From contending—perhaps to be injured, certain to be hurt—you will find a respect for yourself that can be attained nowhere else. From enduring the struggle, you will learn the true value of compassion and a proper use of your power.

These things cannot be given, they must be earned. We offer you this, and nothing more: the light of old wisdom to guide your steps, and the fruits of our experience to nourish you on your journey.

Happiness isn’t a reward. Strength isn’t gained without effort. Love isn’t something you get from someone else. Life is made bearable in the bearing of it. The meaning of life reveals itself when you stop looking for it and start living with sincerity. Fulfillment will come at last when you have given all that you have.

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