About GFDA

With thought provoking products, perspective shifting workshops, and full-scale branding and marketing services, GFDA has served clients with a variety of missions and budgets since 2010. Our first book, Do the Fucking Work: Lowbrow Advice for High-Level Creativity, published by Harper Collins, is available for purchase at most major retailers.


Brian Buirge

Owner / Creative Director

Jason Richburg

Writer / Strategy Director

Our Story

Just over ten years ago, Brian and Jason, two grad students trying to grab their students’ attention, got together over two cups of coffee and six cheap beers to make basic design principles impossible to forget. Within days, after no promotion and only sharing the site with a few friends, their profanity laden, text-based website had received over 70,000 visits. Only weeks later, that number rose into the millions, and a small army of new fans were demanding merchandise. Without hesitation, or adequate forethought, the duo leapt into a series of disasters that nearly cost them their sanity and financial stability. In spite of their mistakes and against all odds, however, a fucking business was born.

GFDA’s first product, the Classic Advice Print, a stark, irreverent, and undeniably authentic list of motivating creative axioms, was an instant hit. Having graced the halls of such creative icons as Vera Wang, Louise Wilson, and, former Apple CDO, Jony Ive, the Classic Advice Print launched GFDA into c-list internet stardom.

Now, with new, deeply meaningful content and products, a full-service creative agency, and a heart-pumping workshop, GFDA is better poised than ever to be that voice in your head that you just can’t ignore.

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