Hungry and Humble at 6 Years

As we close the loop on six years in business, we feel like being a little self-indulgent and having a trip down memory lane. Hang with us or not, you know where to find the back button in your browser.

2010 - Brian and Jason drink coffee and beer (not at the same time). Shortly thereafter, we start Good Fucking Design Advice by accident. We nearly become the victim of no less than three different Nigerian money scams.

2011 - GFDA moves out of the graduate studio of Kent State University and into a nearby basement with less than six feet of ceiling height. Spiders. Brian hits his head multiple times. Our first intern looks like the guy from Twilight. We hire Jason’s Mom to do our bookkeeping.

2012 - Brian and Jason go to Oklahoma for their first speaking gig. Brian learns how to spell Oklahoma. Jason’s mom petitions for a raise. We fire Jason’s mom.

2013 - We hire Jason’s mom to do our bookkeeping. GFDA goes on a national speaking tour during which Jason attempts to teach Brian how to talk to girls. We hire two employees to run the show while we’re on the road. They drink on the job, we approve. The 2-month tour is a great success, the talking to girls thing—less so.

2014 - Jason moves to New York. Brian visits the Big Apple a lot, violates multiple local traffic laws. Three separate publishers approach us to write a book. We write three separate proposals. We get rejected three separate times. We decide if we can’t write a book we can at least do our own bookkeeping and fire Jason’s mom.

2015 - We hire Jason’s mom to do our bookkeeping with a raise. The New Yorker does an exposé on Apple Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive. They talk about our Classic Advice Print in his office. As a result, we sell out of our prints and develop a 6-week backlog of orders. All of our customers hate us. The GFDA website becomes responsive, finally catching up to the web standards of 2012.

2016 - Jason goes in search of Brian’s missing hair—no luck yet. We begin offering corporate workshops. Brian and Jason ask for $6 donations for GFDA’s sixth birthday. We fire Jason’s mom.

Thank you to the many fine folks who’ve helped us along our path. We wouldn’t be where we are or have had nearly as much fun without you.










Go home. Youre drunk.

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we swear!

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