Slack-ing with GFDA

Good Fucking Design Advice

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Did you think we meant slacking? Nonsense, we don’t do that here. We’re talking about Slack, the collaborative communications app and only thing Silicon Valley loves more than unicorns and inexplicably niche free-wifi coffee shops. Yet despite technology’s best efforts, even Slack hasn’t nullified the age-old, mind-bogglingly stress-inducing joys of team communication.

Introducing the Good Fucking Design Advice App for Slack. You are moments away from liking loving your job again.

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One part inspiration, one part scapegoat, our advice bot says it bluntly so you don’t have to, keeping your channels moving and drama-free. The next time you draw a fucking blank, punch in /gfda – because nothing quite expresses your thoughts like Helvetica, contrast, and profanity.

Master these few simple commands, and gain access to a vast inventory of mostly useful and always offensive advice.

Grace your channel with a random nugget of good fucking design advice.

/gfda [#]
Advice on demand, for when you’re feeling really fucking specific.

/gfda rant
A refreshing sweep of the basics — for when the project gets really derailed. Or, for when you really want to derail the project.

/gfda sfw
For that channel that has your boss on it. **

/gfda help
Just in case the previous four were too confusing.

** “sfw”
also works with /gfda [#], /gfda rant, and /gfda help. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on emails you’ve already sent.

For best results, use often and with impunity. Happy Slacking.

Brought to you through a collaborative effort between coding geniuses @barnettlklane and @chrisfaykus and your fucking friends at @GoodDsgnAdvice.

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