2016 Resolution Guide

Not sure what to spend your holiday bonus on? Since you probably ate too many damn cookies, drank far too much champagne, and didn’t put in those extra hours on your side project like you planned, we’ve got some ideas to help make sure that in 2016 you’re productive, brilliant, and good looking (unlike those other lazy fucks you know).

No. 1 — Sketch more fucking ideas. Sketchbook
Ideas, ideas, ideas. You have some—we want you to have more. The encouraging ‘Sketch more fucking ideas’ sketchbook contains 32 crisp pages, and is waiting for you to get messy. Conveniently fits in most pockets.

No. 2 — There’s no online tutorial for being a badass. T-Shirt
Your pasty-white monitor tan is showing again. Pick up our soon-to-be-back-in-stock (we promise) ‘There’s no online tutorial for being a badass, T-Shirt’ as a convenient reminder that learning and ideas most often happen outside the confines of your perfectly arranged desk.

No. 3 — Sharpie Bold Paint Marker
Speaking of getting messy, Sharpie® Bold Paint Marker is a great tool to get your hands dirty with. It’s fat, uncontrollable, and unforgiving—just the way your sketching should be. Writes on practically any surface, including napping co-workers.

No. 4 — People I want to punch in the face. Mini Notebook
Setting some anger management goals for the new year? Save yourself a discussion with HR this first quarter by channeling your frustrations into written form with the hilarious ‘People I want to punch in the face Mini Notebook.’

No. 5 — Assigned Reading
Do you feel the resistance? No, not the new Star Wars movie—your resistance to change, growth, and productivity. Here are two excellent reads to help you overcome your worst enemy, yourself. Self-Reliance and Other Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

No.6 — Don’t fucking procrastinate. Mug
Caffeine up motherfuckers. Drink your morning cuppa joe with the ‘Don't fucking procrastinate 11oz mug.’ It’s hell bent on productivity even on the days when you aren’t.

No.7 — Letterpressed Pledge. Print
Stick to your goals by declaring them for the whole world to see with the GFDA Pledge. Pick your biggest challenge for the year ahead, scribble it down on this letterpressed beauty, and then hang it up where you’ll always see it.

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