GFDA 2016 Tour

Wins and Learns: The 2016 #GFDAUSA Tour
Join Brian and Jason as they once again traverse the great continent of North America to run their foul-mouths in various public forums. Come listen to them espouse brilliance for 60 minutes as they recount some random number of self-indulgent yet universally-useful “wins and learns” from their 6 years in business. By the end of the evening you will discover why risk-taking is key to staying fresh and innovative, and how mistakes can mint gold.

Book GFDA for their Fall 2016 Tour Now

If you’re interested in having Brian and Jason come speak at your event, college, university, celebration, business, wedding, home, or house party, please contact to inquire about availability and rates for their fall tour. Currently there are 12 remaining spots are available.

Things you’ll (possibly) win:
• a date with Brian
• a leg cramp
• a poster
• a free drink
• your future ex-wife (or husband)
• …and many more.

Things you’ll (definitely) learn:
• your passion project isn't fucking crazy
• everyone is making it up as they go along
• you need to get out of your own way

More information about booking speaking and workshops here.


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