GFDA & Bent Tree Coffee Roasters

When asking Bent Tree owners Ryan Brannon and Mike Mistur what makes a good cup of coffee, their response was simply, “Well, just giving a shit.”

In 2011, Ryan and Mike opened their artisan coffee roasting shop in the downtown area of Kent, Ohio (just a few blocks from our offices). Although they had often talked about the idea of starting some kind of business when they were in their twenties, the idea for Bent Tree developed as a result of their friendship and home roasting hobby.

“Mike got into roasting coffee when he was out west and kind of got me into it here. When he moved back, we were roasting at home for a while. From there it kind of turned into ‘remember that idea of starting a business, what if we could get something like this up off the ground.' That began our research and dipping our foot into the small business world” said Ryan.

Since then, Bent Tree has grown to provide select roasts and blends of coffee to a wide variety of local businesses, as well as the nearby University and other coffee shops. “It’s a lot of work and not like brain surgery, but it takes time and patience,” said Mike.

And there are pros and cons to working for yourself, but I can’t imagine having a pain-in-the-ass boss again, that’s one nice thing about getting to this point.

"We enjoy what we do. Working here is definitely fulfilling. We’re part of this thing and have a direct impact on its success.” “We’re building it from the ground up.,” said Mike

The relationship between Bent Tree and GFDA actually began at the local post office. During the early days of GFDA, we would frequent the long lines as would Mike and Ryan. To hone our patience we would pass the time talking shop and catching up on the progress of each others respective business

So, when the time came to find the perfect roaster for our Bold Fucking Espresso Blend, nobody else would do. It wasn't just the taste of their coffee, it was their attitude and passion for bringing a great product to life. GFDA has been brewing Bent Tree in its offices consistently for the last two years. And since we enjoyed it so much we wanted to share it with everyone.

Purchase your own bag of our freshly roasted Bold Fucking Espresso Blend and visit our friends at Bent Tree Coffee.

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