Anne Barlinckhoff, Photographer

At GFDA we’re in a constant search for inspiration. Often times the things in which we seek find us, much like the way Anne Barlinckhoff first reached out to us shortly after the inital launch of GFDA.

At first we didn’t think much of Anne’s fanfare, but not long after she started following us, she began sending us messages about how crazy she was over our idea and how she’d love for us to start making shirts. We began a conversation with her that’s continued to this day and in the process found out what a talented young photographer she was.

A short three years later, a collaboration was born. We handed the creative reigns over to Anne to see where she’d take them. As part of our collaborations we ask the other party to answer a few questions using their favorite advice. Check out what she has to say about GFDA, her work, and our collaboration below:

No. 62 / Think about all the fucking possibilities.

A little bit more then two years ago I bumped into GFDA, I thought my dream came true. A company that used my favorite ‘F’ word. I had no idea who these dudes were but I had to send them a smoke signal about how awesome I thought they were. We ended up seeing each other on social media. How romantic. After a couple weeks I said to Brian “you should make some fucking t-shirts!” Soon after that he told me that they were making the t-shirts and lots more. I think it’s so important to let people know how good they are. If I see someone making beautiful stuff I have to let them know even if I don’t know them at all. That’s what keeps you going.

No. 164 / Show some fucking passion.

A year later I got a message from GFDA, asking if I wanted to shoot their new merchandise. I told them I would love to. I received everything nicely wrapped up in boxes, and it felt like my fucking birthday when I unwrapped it all. Immediately I started looking around for some pretty girls. But my brothers were also my models. Oh. My. Dear. From hotdog socks till a “drink more fucking coffee” button on a wet t-shirt and from rainbow lollipops to beautiful red lips and a Good Fucking Design Advice pencil. I did so many shots and loved it big time. I worked day and night and it was totally worth it. Even after a whole night working and finishing at 8am in the morning I wasn’t even tired. Well, my eyeballs were dying. But I was full of excitement.

No. 152 / Beautiful things work fucking better.

I like photographing the people I love, the people I admire, the famous, and especially the infamous. And that in combination with daily objects and forms makes it even more interesting. I always have the desire to discover, looking for a composition with the model and the immediate surroundings. So in shooting for GFDA daily objects like bananas were combined with a t-shirt that says “form follows fucking function.” There is no limit for creativity.

No. 164 / Believe in your fucking self.

That’s definitely gonna be ‘shoots’ yes. Most challenging was to stop shooting. My goodness how much fun did the models and I have. I achieved a special intimacy with certain models, so that my photos were sometimes erotic, but at the same time open, rich in contrast and spontaneous. When I was shooting Sarah, somehow this idea of creating an image with her female form and the Good Fucking Design Advice mug popped into my mind. So I asked her would you mind being totally nude on the picture? She said “No!.” So together we created this beautiful image of her skin in contrast with the black mug. Humanity and a sense of humor for me is important in my work. That in combination with creating something more abstract, focussing on the composition and looking for forms. Often by doing that it’s as if everything comes to me immediately. I work intuitively, but if my eye catches a certain composition I have to make it. Sometimes the images look like they happened by chance. Like beautiful mistakes. Paying attention to the details, perfectionism and having emotions in there is what I love. One of my favorite photographers, Robert Capa said: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”

Article and Photography by: Anne Barlinckhoff

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