Grind: The Future of Co-working


The decision to launch a remote office in New York City was immediately followed by a search of spaces to work from. We began and ended that search with Grind. Not only was it a change of scenery, but they served better coffee than we did. And the people who inhabited the space shared our philosophy and passion for work.

Grind is a place where like-minded individuals come to burn the midnight oil, share in their passion to get shit done, and take over the world. Naturally, this was a good fit for GFDA.

Places like Grind are a glimpse into the future of work and we wanted to celebrate the spirit of those who take part in their community.

Grind shares its brand philosophy through a series of short inspirational quotes they call 'Grindisms.' That was all we needed to hear, and from there our drinkware collaboration was born.

Learn more about becoming a Grindist at:


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