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Here at GFDA we know a thing or seven about learning the hard way, so we admire those who aren’t shy about pushing through their fair share of failure and challenging others to do the same. One such beacon of resilience: our fantastic fucking friend and mentor, James Victore.

Independent graphic designer. Exceptional teacher. Unapologetically sexy life guru extraordinaire. James has a long list of professional accomplishments, but you can get to know him (and yourself) through his youtube series, Burning Questions, where he takes time every Tuesday to answer nagging questions that confront designers and creatives alike.

He’s left no stone unturned and no question unanswered—so we’ve sorted through years of his hard-earned wisdom to bring you the perfect pick-me-up playlists to combat whatever self-doubts may have wormed their way into your steely resolve.

Join us for 30 minutes of hyper condensed existential clarity, sorted by topic and designed to light a fire under your ass.

Feeling stale? Bland? In a creative rut? Jumpstart your creativity—watch these videos. 

1. Creatively BORED?
2. How do I get more creativity out of my day?
3. Personal Projects
4. Which is better? Your process or mine?
5. But am I good?

Because even the most independent designers can get worn down sometimes—30 minutes with James and you’ll be ready to rally.

1. How to leave the past and move on.
2. Watch your thoughts, dear.
3. Fighting the Good Fight.
4. Keeping up the Good Fight.
5. Just Don't Stop.

Do you find yourself apologizing every other word? Doubting your decisions? Not even sure what your answers to these questions are? These are for you.

1. Confidence is Sexy
2. SHOW OFF! Dammit!
3. Have a Damn Opinion, Will Ya?
4. How to Trust Yourself
5. How to ask for HELP
For the hungry self-starter in need of a business boost.

1. The First Rule of Business 
2. How to Get Hired
3. Networking Made Easy
4. How to use Social Media?
5. How to ask for what you're WORTH

For any independent creative. The ultimate guide to getting shit done and doing it well.

1. How do you stay motivated?
2. Distraction, time management and YOU.
3. Self Control is Self Respect
4. Mortality as Inspiration
5. How to get over yourself

More of James’ wisdom can be found on his channel, or delivered fresh and feisty directly to your inbox via his  newsletter. Support James in his efforts by donating to his  Patreon, and keep an eye out for more of Mr. Victore here at Good Fucking Design Advice. We’re not saying that there’s a collaboration in the works, but you might want to buckle up. Greatness is headed your way.

Now, as James would say: Get out there and give ‘em hell.


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